Urban Profiling Exercise

Urban Profiling Exercise

Development and Justice Initiative, in collaboration with the Joint IDP Profiling Services, Geneva, is conducting aurban profiling exercise in Delhi. It aims at collecting data on demographic, migration and livelihood related issues of refugees and Indian citizens who were born in or migrated to Delhi.

The research specifically aims to understand:

  • Demographic characteristics of the refugee population, such as age, sex and ethnicity
  • Distribution of refugees within the National Capital Territory of Delhi
  • Migration and mobility patterns of refugees andIndian migrants.
  • Livelihood and employment situations of refugees and migrants, including financial security and entrepreneurship.
  • Education and skills of refugees and migrants and how these contribute to livelihoods and integration
  • Socio-economic integration of refugees and non-refugees, with focus on existing and potential capacities, community networks and the experiences of living in Delhi
  • Needs of refugees, in particular those related to livelihoods

How will the exercise be carried out?

In the first phase, the research will be done through field data collected from households through a questionnaire. About 1200 households in different areas of Delhi across different ethnic communities will be selected through a computer-generated random selection process. The second phase will involve Focus Group Discussions. Here again the participants will be selected randomly.

Expectations from the Exercise:

  • The data and results of the research will give all actors a better understanding of issues faced by refugees
  • The results will help understand how Indian migrants seek solutions to their problems
  • The data will help in the process of addressing problems faced by refugees in the long run
  • The research will contribute to the understanding of refugee situations in urban settings globally.

News & Press Releases

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