Current Programmes

Development And Justice Initiative is interested in varied thematic areas such as migration, refugees, protection of minority communities and indigenous peoples, environment and local governance. It engages with these issues through working with communities, capacity building, advocacy and research. We work with networks and several partners in achieving the objectives across these areas.

Currently we implement projects falling under the following programs:


Refugee Protection and Humanitarian Assistance Program

Forced migration is a global phenomenon and is on the increase due to conflicts, minority persecution and wars. People who are under such crisis situations may be forced to relocate within the borders of the countries they live in or they may cross the international borders. The latter type of forced migrants are refugees and are protected by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and UN Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees, 1951 and its additional protocol, 1967, among a host of other international laws.

Empowerment of Urban Poor, Waste Workers and their Families Program

Migration of rural and urban families to metro cities in search of work and education of their children within the country in India is a significant phenomenon. About 30% population of India's cities have migrated in the last about 20 years. Families migrated to cities face severe housing and access to services problems; they live in slum areas with poor sanitation, water supply and lighting. In Delhi more than half the poor live in slums and mostly work as daily wage labour, domestic workers, petty vendors and rag pickers. A majority of these workers are illiterate or only marginally educated.


Reintegration of Indian return migrant workers in local economies and communities

While millions of Indian workers leave the country’s shored every year to work in foreign lands, some also return. Irregular channels of migration used by a significant number of migrant workers is of immense concern to the organization. Irregular migration puts the lives of the concerned migrant and their families to high risk. They are also detected and deported to India by destination countries. Some also return voluntarily once detected as an illegal migrant in a foreign country.

Support to People-led Campaigns and Movements

DAJI is supports campaigns for peace, justice and environmental protection through providing institutional facilities.


A program DAJI has supported aims at protecting farmers’ right to grow and disseminate native and local seeds and protect biodiversity. We have partnered with other NGOs and farmers’ groups in holding seed festivals and biodiversity festivals in Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Delhi.


News & Press Releases

  • The Union government proposes to take yet another shot at the crucial land reforms agenda in a bid to help the rural poor affected by a host of land issues and inflation.
  • He has posted an agenda for Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's perusal with a request to convene the National Council of Land Reforms under him to speed up the process of reforms that entails amendments to at least two legislations.